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This Public Invitation issued by the Forum for Ethnic Relations is intended to invite for cooperation within the project “Inclusion of Roma and other Marginalized Groups in Serbia”.

The project implemented with the support of GIZ aims to conduct a research of perception of Roma and other citizens of Serbia about state activities aimed to improving the position of Roma.

If you are interested and want to know more about the project, you can contact us by phone or e-mail: (, +381113620781).

The Forum for Ethnic Relations is inviting qualified organizations to apply for the following tasks:

  • Development of the survey methodology, including: Preparation of the methodology for the survey and work plan; Design and content of the questionnaire – 16 questions + demography; Creation of the representative sample–1000 respondents – representative sample of Serbian citizens (citizens of the Republic of Serbia 18+); Identification of geographical areas for conducting the survey; Creation of the electronic data base for CATI contacts (potential respondents); Creation of the electronic data base for data entry.
  • Computer-assisted telephone interviewing – CATI: Conduct the Computer-assisted telephone interviewing – CATI (1000 respondents – representative sample of Serbian citizens) in maximum 14 working days; On-going, real time data entry in the electronic database.
  • Presentation of the results and findings of the survey: Preparation of Power Point presentation with the key findings of the survey in Serbian and English language; Development of Visual Infographic with key findings in agreement with the Project; and
  • Logistical support for project implementation, including: Organizing training for poll-takers, and provision of translating services (Serbian / English).

All interested organizations are kindly requested to submit their expression of interest to the Forum for Ethnic Relations at: Please, provide information about your organization in the expression of interest.

Upon receipt of your expression of interest you will receive within 3 days all the relevant information needed for cooperation agreement (type and number of surveys, organization of meetings, type and scope of translation services, standards and timeline for service provision, fees for service provision, etc.

The Management Board of the Forum for Ethnic Relations will decide on your offer within 10 days after we receive your offer through e-mail.

We hope that you will accept our invitation for successful cooperation.


Belgrade, March 17, 2020

Forum for Ethnic Relations

                                                                                   President of the Management Board

Dr Dušan Janjić