The latest escalation of armed violence across Kosovo

2018-03-20T12:38:14+00:00 17. 03. 2004.|News|

The latest escalation of armed violence across Kosovo and innocent human casualties in North Mitrovica is likely to turn into broad inter-ethnic clashes.

These bloody events testify to the extraordinary strength of the extremists who are trying to stop negotiations in early stage, and use violence to impose their own interests. In addition to evidence of the weaknesses of political forces and interest groups behind the series of murders and attacks on members of the Serbian community and the destabilization of Kosovo and the region, they also speak of the evident failure of the international civilian and military security presence in Kosovo in dealing with reality, in suppressing extremism and guaranteeing elementary human freedoms and rights.

We urge leaders and all members of the Serbian community to do everything in their power to protect their lives and property as well as to insist on their demands to increase their level of security as well as to find and punish the perpetrators of these crimes.

We urge the Albanian leaders to take action to prevent the spread of violence and give solid guarantees to their neighbors, to engage in talks and to jointly fight political extremism, violence, and crime.

We remind the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SPGS) that it is his obligation to undertake all necessary measures for establishing and maintaining peace; in addition to direct measures, to announce his program for establishing security and suppression of extremism, terrorism and organized crime in Kosovo, especially the protection of the Serbian community.

We call upon the authorities of Serbia, Montenegro and the SCG to request a special session of the Supreme Defense Council to review the state of security and respect for human rights in Kosovo as well as to consider all the security implications of conflict escalation in Kosovo.

We call upon the Government of Serbia to perform security assessment and propose cooperation measures with international community bodies in eliminating further risks of escalating armed conflicts, in combating extremism, and establishing peace and order in Kosovo.