Invitation to the presentation of the Third Report on Monitoring the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo

2018-02-23T06:14:20+00:00 22. 02. 2018.|News|

The Forum for Ethnic Relations and the Open Society Foundation Serbia will present the  THIRD REPORT ON MONITORING THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE ON KOSOVO, on 28 February 2018. Dr. Dušan Janjić from the Forum for Ethnic Relations and Tatjana Vehovec from the New Media Centre “Liber” will present findings from the Third Report.


The aim of the Third Report is to raise the level and quality of information about the Internal Dialogue that is disseminated to the public, and to make its results more visible, clearer and more available to a wider public, as well as to encourage active participation of all stakeholders in the Internal Dialogue.


The Third Report is one the outputs of the project “Monitoring and Reporting on Internal Dialogue on Kosovo“ of the Forum for Ethnic Relations, supported by the Open Society Foundation.


The purpose of monitoring process is the systematic collection and analysis of information in order to accurately inform the public about the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo, and about opinions expressed within the Internal Dialogue, including the tracking of progress toward achieving its goals: to reach a nation-wide consensus and to pursue the interests of Serbia and of the Kosovo’s Serb Community.


The report covers the period from 16 January to 15 February 2018.