Call for young experts – researchers in the field of interethnic, intercultural and interconfessional dialogue.

The Forum for Ethnic Relations (FER), in cooperation with the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and ERMA Sarajevo -Forli program, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade, is conducting a Training of Young [...]

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Invitation to the presentation of the Third Report on Monitoring the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo

The Forum for Ethnic Relations and the Open Society Foundation Serbia will present the  THIRD REPORT ON MONITORING THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE ON KOSOVO, on 28 February 2018. Dr. Dušan Janjić from the Forum for Ethnic Relations and Tatjana Vehovec from [...]

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KoSSev: The Report on Monitoring the Internal Dialogue points to “ethnic nationalism”, “military option”, new victims…

The analysis of the internal dialogue has received special attention in the media in the north of Kosovo. The KoSSev portal provides detailed messages from the presentation of the report, and in particular those referring to the passivity of Kosovo [...]

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Forum experts on Monitoring of Internal Dialogue on Kosovo

  What kind of effects did the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo produce so far? What are the results of the monitoring conducted by the Forum for Ethnic Relations, whose team is analyzing the course of the dialogue and achievement of [...]

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